To foster ORIENT’s equal opportunities objective, partners organise TrailO activities, as an inclusive educational tool able to engage disable and able-bodies in the same event, with the same possibilities to win.

TrailO, or trail orienteering, is one of the four disciplines related to the sport of orienteering (running, mountain biking, skiing). It is a discipline that not necessarily entail reaching control points located on the competition ground, but aims at identifying them, using a map and a compass, at duly indicated observation points along easily accessible paths. From each observation point, one or more lanterns are visible, and competitors must decide which one corresponds to the control point shown on their map.

With its activities and competitions, TrailO has exceptional potential and countless benefits. It improves social interaction ability of all people, and thus enhances participants’ wellbeing, confidence, and social life.

As competitions take place outdoor, not only TrailO improves health, but also allows athletes, both pros and amateurs, to express their physical, psychic, social, cognitive sides, with a great return for mental health.

In the outdoor, able and disable people practising trail orienteering explore new adventures, boost their fantasy, engage in creative experiences and social life. TrailO’s adventure clears the game from the excessive search of individual performance and encourages cooperation.

TrailO is also formative: allows developing the perception of space, as well as observation, coordination, concentration, choice, cooperation, understanding of limits, autonomy and independent attitude.

News and events

Over 300 young people participate in ORIENT's final event in Vasto.

Over 300 young people participate in ORIENT's final event in Vasto.


ORIENT final event on 20-21 December 2022

The last multiplier and final event of the project FISO will take place on 20 and 21 December, 2022 in the Italian city of Vasto, in Abruzzo Region.


Trzin Orienteering Club prepares ORIENT's fourth multiplier in the Trzin and Piran

Trzin Orienteering Club prepares ORIENT's fourth multiplier in the Trzin and Piran.


Trail-O event in Sigulda, Latvia

On 13 August 2022, the Latvian Orienteering federation (LOF) will host ORIENT's third multiplier in Reina trase, Krimuldas pagasts, Siguldas novads.


Second ORIENT event in Zákupy on 25 June 2022


TempO Simulator - an online tool to practise Orienteering - is available in different languages


Inclusion and Sports Networks, project event in Barcelona

The first ORIENT project multiplier event, titled Inclusion and Sports Networks, gathered over 50 participants


1st multiplier event in Barcelona

The first multiplier event of the ORIENT project will take place on 22 April in Barcelona


ORIENT PARTNERS NEWS: Trail-O in Latvia 2020

ORIENT PARTNER LOF (Latvian Orienteering Federation) tells how Trail Orienteering developed in Latvia and how the Federation is facing the challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic


ORIENT VIDEO: Trail Orienteering

See what Trail Orienteering looks like in this video produced by FISO athletes in Italy.



Seven European organisations met in Rome, at the Head Office of the CONI, to launch 'ORIENT', an international social inclusion project funded by the European Union.




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