In three years (2020-2022), ORIENT partners will develop tools to facilitate the organisation of TrailO grassroots events involving able and disabled athletes. They will participate in trail orienteering events and seminars across Europe, along with transnational partners who will share their organisational and operational expertise.

The project activities entail:

  1. collection of best practices, at the local level, in partner countries to design TrailO competitions open to both non-disabled and disabled athletes. This analysis will identify characteristics of the described approaches, the specific skills that coaches and operators who work with trail orienteering athletes need to have to train athletes and organise competitions.
  2. The development of an operative model for the realisation of TrailO interventions starting from tests realised on partners’ territories. This model will be based on the characteristics of identified best practices and will be used to test operatively open orienteering competitions in partners’ areas. This analysis will lead to the piloting of small training activities for coaches, instructors and technicians.
  3. The creation of a network of organisations dealing with orienteering and of practitioners from the sports sector, from school, services to disadvantaged people. The network will cope with the organisation of trail orienteering activities in partners’ territories even after the completion of the project. At the end of the project activities, thanks to the involvement of National Federations, partners will ask the validation of all the tools developed (e.g. practical, ICT, guides) by the International Orienteering Federation (IOF). Such recognition is aimed to facilitate the organisation of TrailO events in all EU countries and also outside Europe.

News and events

Inclusion and Sports Networks, project event in Barcelona

The first ORIENT project multiplier event, titled Inclusion and Sports Networks, gathered over 50 participants


1st multiplier event in Barcelona

The first multiplier event of the ORIENT project will take place on 22 April in Barcelona


ORIENT PARTNERS NEWS: Trail-O in Latvia 2020

ORIENT PARTNER LOF (Latvian Orienteering Federation) tells how Trail Orienteering developed in Latvia and how the Federation is facing the challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic


ORIENT VIDEO: Trail Orienteering

See what Trail Orienteering looks like in this video produced by FISO athletes in Italy.



Seven European organisations met in Rome, at the Head Office of the CONI, to launch 'ORIENT', an international social inclusion project funded by the European Union.




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